Friday, September 29, 2017

Yoga Weekend Fall 2017

Photos from another magical yoga weekend at Salvey Mühle. It was a great group, full of great people, in beautiful nature, with delicious food from Skuupu, nourishing massages from Julie and a cat that capture the essence of the weekend: surrendering to generosity and self kindness. 


I do love continually returning to the quiet and beauty of Salvey Mühle.  And I feel so blessed that such great people keep joining me.  Seven years I have been going now.  May I keep going another 7 x7 more years.

With love,

Warm thanks to Jeanette and Martina for the photo additions.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Family Yoga Weekend

March 2-4, 2018

Just an hour outside Berlin!

Come join us for an all ages creative and inclusive experience. A weekend for the family to bond, play, stretch, laugh, try new things, rest, and let your creativity fly. A weekend for parents to let go of the organizing, cooking, and cleaning and instead enjoy lots of time with their children.

All classes will be taught in German and/or English depending on the spoken languages of the participants.
Over the weekend you can enjoy:
Family yoga and mindfulness meditation classes: Fun classes for all ages. Some stretching, some strengthening, some relaxing, some concentration and lots of laughing.
Yoga and mindfulness just for kids: These classes will be taught by two kids who have been teaching yoga classes over the past 5 years at the Annual Yoga Picnic and on our last family weekend. The classes are fun and playful. Kids respond very well to being taught by peers.

Yoga classes just for adults: These classes are for parents to take time out for themselves. As we all know, being a parents is bound to tie some knots in the body. These classes will be an opportunity to meet those knots and loosen them. They are open to complete beginners but will also offer challenge to those who are more familiar with yoga.

Music and theater workshops for the whole family: Through improv games and trust exercises, our creativity will be given a safe playground to explore in.  These games offer a new way for people to connect with each other while having a great time.
Plenty of fresh air and nature: You’ll be surrounded by forests and fields. The Hof has a “bachspielpatz.” with funky tree house by the stream. The Kinderherberge is also home to donkeys, sheep, goats, bunnies, and a sweet cat.

Join in some or all classes. A wide diversity of activities for all the different tastes in the family.

Kinderherberge e.V. – Tagungshaus Baitz
Bahnhofstr.114822 Baitzer Brück OT Baitz
It’s only around an hours drive or train ride from central Berlin.

Includes accommodation, meals, and all classes:
Family of 2: 380 euros
Family of 3: 460 euros
Family of 4: 540 euros
Family of 5: 600 euros

About the teachers:
Erinbell Fanore:
Erinbell has been passionately teaching Yin and Hatha yoga since 2007 to all ages. She is an endorsed Insight Yoga teacher and a  Yoga Alliance 500 hours certified teacher. Her teaching style is open, authentic, and inclusive. She helps her students meet their practice as they are. Whether you are 2 or 74 years old, a complete beginner to yoga and concerned about your inflexibility or yoga adept, physically fit and strong or out of practice and feeling weaker at the moment, you will find a safe and encouraging space in Erinbell’s class. Your needs will be attended to and you will be given skills to take home with you for further mind/body/spirit balance.

Tom Fanore:
At the age of 12, I got my first tape recorder and at 13 my first drum kit. Since then, my world has been rotating around the world of music. A lot of circumstances changed but my passion for music and the creation of it has never faded. I have played in crossover, pop, trad and Klesmer surf bands. I got stuck in my first job as a record seller for over a decade because I simply loved what I was doing. In my years in Ireland, I played in a lot of outstanding trad sessions and did a “Master of Arts in Community Music” at the University of Limerick. We came to Berlin in 2009. My job here at an international school in Mitte combines music teaching, rock band facilitating, and concert organizing. For my peace of mind, I play drums in a pretty loud punk rock band.

Iza and Niko Fanore:
These young yogis has been raised in the world of yoga. They confidently teach their peers with joy and enthusiasm through incorporating games, stories, and song into their classes.

Other upcoming Yin Yoga Berlin events:
Details about all the events are on my website:

Peace and joy,

5th Annual Yoga Picnic

5th Annual Yoga Picnic
Sunday, June 23, 2017
Everyone is welcome
Starting at 13h
Volkspark Schönenberg
by the „Goldener Hirsch“
Come for part of it
Come for all of it
Fun, family friendly, free yoga classes
Taught in English and German
13:30 Yoga for Everyone by the team
14:00 Kids Yoga by Niko
14:30 Vinyasa Yoga by Kirstin
15:00 Yoga Games for kids taught by Iza
15:30 Yin Yoga by Erinbell
16:00 Vinyasa Yoga by Emilia
16:30 Meditation by Erinbell

Bring something to eat and drink
Bring a yoga mat or blanket
Bring friends and family and neighbors
Bring a soccer ball, frizbee, or guitar

Find us by the „Goldener Hirsch“
The field east from the Rathaus Schönenberg U-Bahn Brücke
Only rain will stop us...

Peace and yoga fun,

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Christmas Wish

My wish for this Christmas is that we all become the Grinch from Dr. Suess', How the Grinch Stole Christmas

After stealing and robbing all of Whoville, the Grinch stands on top of Mt. Crumpit just about to throw all the presents and trees and roasts beast off the cliff when he pauses.  And in that pausing something incredible happens.  He realizes he got it wrong.  And he changes course.  

"What happened then? Whoville they say,
That the Grinch's small heart
Grew three sizes that day!
And the minute his heart didn't feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light"

He goes back to Whoville and returns all that he stole.  And even more incredible, is that the Whos don't lock him up.  They don't exclude him.  Instead they invite him to their feast and give him the honour of carving the roast beast.

Imagine how great the world would be if could be as brave as the Grinch and as generous and loving as the Whos down in Whoville.

Wishing you all lots of love and joy,

Monday, November 21, 2016

Yoga Weekend Retreats Fall 2016

The theme for the fall retreats was  
Tuning in with Care.

Yoga means to yoke, to unite, to connect. Over the weekend, we experimented with uniting our attention with all that is going on in and around us moment by moment. 
Yoga and mediation offer tools to help us be more awake to the preciousness of ourselves and our lives. Each of us are deeply in need of and worthy of deep care. Unfortunately in the busyness of life, we can rush past ourselves or have little patience for our complexity and needs. We can be harsh and critical of what we are thinking or feeling. We can exhaust ourselves with our neediness or feeling of short comings.

That's why retreat is so important. It offers us time to slow down and tune into how we are doing. It allows us to offers ourselves some space to hold what is going on, so that when difficult situation arise, we don't run away or automatically react. Instead we have a capacity to more fully meet and see what is going on. This helps our innate creativity and strength to be there with us. Being more connected to whats going on inside of us means that when great joyous moments happen, we are more fully there. We are not dulled by our habitual tuning out, instead they is more vibrancy to delights of life.

Over the weekend, we gave our selves our full attention and experimented with pausing, softening, connecting, and engaging creatively.

How and what am I feeling in this moment: physically, emotionally, mentally and in relationship to life around me?
How much am I aware of?

Can I soften my resistance to what I am feeling, thinking, or experiencing at this moment?
Can I turn to what is inside of me with care and compassion?


Can I connect to what is here now and offer it space?
Can I bring more vibrancy to what I am experiencing through attuning my attention?
Engage creatively.

Can this help me become less reactive, less automatic in my responses and actions?
Can this aid me in meeting the joys and frustration life has to offer with an open heart and a trust that I can be with all parts and qualities of myself?

Besides the yoga and meditation, there was once again lots of laughter, sunshine, crocheting, delicious meals, walks, runs, and bike rides through the countryside, evening stars, and stunning sunrises. 
What a gift to teach in such a gorgeous corner of the world to fabulous, funny, warm ,kind, intelligent people. Lucky me!

 May your continual daily practice support you as you adventure through life.
With love and gratitude,


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