Thursday, June 15, 2017

5th Annual Yoga Picnic

5th Annual Yoga Picnic
Sunday, June 23, 2017
Everyone is welcome
Starting at 13h
Volkspark Schönenberg
by the „Goldener Hirsch“
Come for part of it
Come for all of it
Fun, family friendly, free yoga classes
Taught in English and German
13:30 Yoga for Everyone by the team
14:00 Kids Yoga by Niko
14:30 Vinyasa Yoga by Kirstin
15:00 Yoga Games for kids taught by Iza
15:30 Yin Yoga by Erinbell
16:00 Vinyasa Yoga by Emilia
16:30 Meditation by Erinbell

Bring something to eat and drink
Bring a yoga mat or blanket
Bring friends and family and neighbors
Bring a soccer ball, frizbee, or guitar

Find us by the „Goldener Hirsch“
The field east from the Rathaus Schönenberg U-Bahn Brücke
Only rain will stop us...

Peace and yoga fun,

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