Thursday, June 11, 2015

Italy Yoga Holiday May 9-16, 2015

Yeah Yoga Now
Had its first adventure in Italy and
It was amazing

There was sunshine, fantastic people, delicious food, laughter, tears, lots of yoga, quiet times, and silly times. We were super heroes and did things "Italian style."  We ate Gelatie, drank wine, beer, and Aperol Spritzers. We swam in the Mediterranean, were blown around in the yoga swings by unusually strong winds, and read poetry. We danced and meditated. We lost and found a restaurant. We shared our stories in English, Dutch, German, and French.  We enjoyed ourselves and each other. It was a fantastic week and I look forward to many more Yeah Yoga Now adventures.

Here is a taste of how a typical day went:

Morning meditation by the pool

A Hatha yoga class
Also known as "boot camp"

A long and delicious breakfast in the sunshine 

Chilling out by the pool

Becoming flying super heroes and kung fu masters in the yoga swings


Lingering over a three course scrumptious dinner at La Bella Vite,
Drinking their organic wine

An evening yin yoga and mediation class

Then getting ready to do it all over again the next day!

Other fun things we got up to:

Partner yoga
Yoga massages

Snuggles with Kayla

A wine tour

Reading in the swings

Being silly

Being glamorously silly:

Arm Wrestling

Taking a moment to appreciate what we have

Thank you wonderful people for joining us.  You made this first experience unforgettable.  My heart is full of gratitude and love to each and everyone of you! I wish you all so much joy throughout each and everyone of your days.

And thank you Valerie for being a fantastically fun partner!

May 21-28, 2016 

We are going back!


With love, peace, and YEAH MORE YOGA NOW,

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