Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Dragon's Butterfly

I am a butterfly
With translucent pink wings
Thin legs
Almost invisible
Easily injured
By a careless step
Or wave
I yearn to be seen

Stretch out your hand to me
Let your palm be
The landing pad for my tears
Don't dry them
Let my tears
Roll off your fingertips
A waterfall
For the dry earth beneath

Give us time

Eventually flowers will grow
And blossom
I will grow
Too big for your hand
Place me on your lap
Hold me
Hug me
I am changing
Expanding even wider

We shift

I hold you
As long as you need
Even longer
I see all of you
Clothed and naked
I love all of you
All your shapes
Your ever morphing being

You see me
I am a dragon
Powerful, voluptuous, beautiful
With butterfly eyes
Full of sadness
Full of joy

I fly off
Spreading my pink translucent wings
Full of gratitude
Full of wonder
To what comes next

Erinbell Fanore

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