Tuesday, May 26, 2009


During my last month on Gozo with the help of talented and generous people, I made my first Yoga and Somatic DVD. It is with great pleasure that I now release it for sale.

This DVD contains the essence of my Yoga and Somatic classes. It is suitable for beginners to intermediates. Filmed on the beautiful and stunning island of Gozo, Malta , the ideal setting to capture yoga’s relaxing and inspiring spirit, this DVD is intended to be a motivational companion to your home practice.

The DVD Consists of:

Somatics: Gentle movements that help retrain the body/mind to relax and release chronically contracted muscles.

Warm Up: A selection of asanas (postures) which warm up the body and focus attention to the core.

Sun Salutations: Flowing asanas linked to the breath. They create heat, improve circulation and condition the body.

Standing Asanas: These postures will focus on grounding and extending the body, creating length and space from within as well as developing strength and flexibility.

Sitting Asanas: The chosen postures work on lengthening and releasing tension in the spine through forward bends and twists.

Shavasana: A guided meditation: working towards entering a deep state of relaxation while remaining conscious.

Customize Your Own Practice:

Depending on your available time or energy, you will be able create your own program by putting the different sections together. You can do anything from a gentle 25 minute session of somatics to the full hour and a half program. Or you can choose to do a 30, 40 or 60 minute class choosing different sections. The DVD comes with a comprehensive explanation to help you put together the perfect program for you.

3 Simple Steps To Order a DVD:

1) Click on Paypal link above (or email me for bank transfer info)

2) Email erinbellfanore@me.com with your mailing address

3) The DVD will be sent to you within 1-5 days

Love and Gratitude to:

My husband, Tom Fanore, for his talents, his generosity, and above all his patience and love throughout the project

Niko and Iza for their smiling inspiration

Annabel Beresford for her encouragement and support throughout it all

Keith Anthony, http://www.blogger.com/www.noisestuidosmalta.com, for all the laughter in the studio

Xavier Hancock, http://www.blogger.com/www.gozoadventures.com, for making it all come together in the end

Martin Roddis, http://www.blogger.com/www.freespirit.com.mt, for his extremely generous spirit and willingness to give

My parents and family who gave me wings and taught me how to fly

The Wong Family for their love and laughter

Sue Nightingale and all my students for their openness to learn and explore the joys of yoga

Catherine Etmanski, Drew Nelson and Amanda Greener for their continual friendship and support

My teachers: Dave Curtis and Ruth Walshe, http://www.blogger.com/www.vinyasaflowyoga.net

Peace and Happiness,



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