Saturday, July 4, 2009

Off I Flew

Yoga Holiday at La Frescura, Sicily

June 20-27, 2009

Off I flew

To a new island close to the one I had just moved away from

The air smelt the same

Felt the same

Tasted the same

Yet was full of the unfamiliar

Opposed to the comforts of the familiar

Off I flew

To begin new work just like the work I had left

But this time

It was my own

All on my own

My own

Off I flew

From my new home where I feel so at home and safe

To newness

To challenges

To lesson to be learned

To laughter

To sunshine

To the chaos of life

Off I flew

To teach, to share, to learn, to do what I love

Yoga classes under a walnut tree

Yoga classes on a roof top terrace over looking the Mediterranean Sea

Flowing classes

Classes of stillness

Morning yoga

Evening yoga

Boat Yoga

High heeled, evening dress yoga




But also




Evening (or afternoon) glasses of bubbly




Shitasu Massages

Off I flew

To meet new students

To re-meet past students

To teach practitioned yogis along side

First time yogis

From New York, Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin

We were welcomed by

Warmth and kindness

By the family who run La Frescura Agriturismo

And by their dogs and chickens and lemon trees, and olives trees, and walnuts trees, and, and and....

Off I flew

From Berlin to Siracusa

To spend a week with a mix of very different people

To be moved, stretched, enriched

By those who came

By their compassion and openess

We all live such different lives

We see life so differently

We dream diverse dreams

A week later

Home I flew

To my family

To my new home


Full of tales and experiences

Full of want to learn more, to teach more,

Full of want to keep living my life with my big dreams


The life is an adventure

A roller coaster

A farce, a tragedy, a love story, a comedy

A joy

A series of lessons

To be lived



Lived with love and compassion

Peace and Happiness,


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