Monday, November 21, 2016

Yoga Weekend Retreats Fall 2016

The theme for the fall retreats was  
Tuning in with Care.

Yoga means to yoke, to unite, to connect. Over the weekend, we experimented with uniting our attention with all that is going on in and around us moment by moment. 
Yoga and mediation offer tools to help us be more awake to the preciousness of ourselves and our lives. Each of us are deeply in need of and worthy of deep care. Unfortunately in the busyness of life, we can rush past ourselves or have little patience for our complexity and needs. We can be harsh and critical of what we are thinking or feeling. We can exhaust ourselves with our neediness or feeling of short comings.

That's why retreat is so important. It offers us time to slow down and tune into how we are doing. It allows us to offers ourselves some space to hold what is going on, so that when difficult situation arise, we don't run away or automatically react. Instead we have a capacity to more fully meet and see what is going on. This helps our innate creativity and strength to be there with us. Being more connected to whats going on inside of us means that when great joyous moments happen, we are more fully there. We are not dulled by our habitual tuning out, instead they is more vibrancy to delights of life.

Over the weekend, we gave our selves our full attention and experimented with pausing, softening, connecting, and engaging creatively.

How and what am I feeling in this moment: physically, emotionally, mentally and in relationship to life around me?
How much am I aware of?

Can I soften my resistance to what I am feeling, thinking, or experiencing at this moment?
Can I turn to what is inside of me with care and compassion?


Can I connect to what is here now and offer it space?
Can I bring more vibrancy to what I am experiencing through attuning my attention?
Engage creatively.

Can this help me become less reactive, less automatic in my responses and actions?
Can this aid me in meeting the joys and frustration life has to offer with an open heart and a trust that I can be with all parts and qualities of myself?

Besides the yoga and meditation, there was once again lots of laughter, sunshine, crocheting, delicious meals, walks, runs, and bike rides through the countryside, evening stars, and stunning sunrises. 
What a gift to teach in such a gorgeous corner of the world to fabulous, funny, warm ,kind, intelligent people. Lucky me!

 May your continual daily practice support you as you adventure through life.
With love and gratitude,


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