Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yoga Weekend April 15-17, 2016

It was my 17th time back up at Salvey Mühle and my 20th yoga weekend since I moved to Berlin.  That makes it somewhat of an anniversary.  It was delightful as each of the past 20 yoga weekend have been.

These weekends have become so special to me.  New people keep join us and others come back season after season.  It was one student's 10th yoga weekend with me.  Wow.

Salvey Mühle feels like a second home and my students like family.  

These breaks from our day to day really give us the time needed to recharge and more importantly to reconnect with the strength and beauty inside of ourselves. It is great to have the time set aside to go deeper into our yoga and meditation practices.  And it is such a blessing to do so surrounded by the creak, the rolling hills, the pond, the bird song, the beaver chewed trees, clean crisp air.

I feel blessed to be a yoga teacher.  How great it is to have the opportunity weekend after weekend to share my passion for yoga and all the paths it offers each of us to find and meet our complex unique brilliant selves as we are. 

I learn so much from my students.  Their stories from their personal practices over the years touch me deeply. Thank you wonderful people for being kind, open and curious.

Looking forward to the next 20 weekends and more. 
But of course, one at a time! 

With love and gratitude,


  1. As a yoga teacher in training, it's always inspiring to see how other people are helping others with their practice and getting to enjoy the lifestyle we are all looking for. Yoga weekends are something I want to deliver once qualified, so this is particularly useful and interesting to me. Great for people to switch off properly for a couple of days, rather than just short bursts of time.

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