Wednesday, May 6, 2015

20 hour Yin Yoga Training

Slowing Down, Tuning In, Opening Up  
Taught by:
Erinbell Fanore: Yin Yoga Berlin

Annett May: Yin Shiatsu

The training includes:

Mindfullness meditation
Grounding in ourselves and softening into now

Yin Practice: Practicing and understanding yin postures
Sequencing Yin postures
Exploring the five elements & their corresponding meridians in a Yin sequence
How to safely, confidently, and with compassion
practice and teach yin postures

Yin Anatomy: Anatomy of Yin postures
Skeletal variation and its effect on yin postures
Connective tissue and the meridians
Sequencing Yin postures

The Five Elements and Meridian Theory: Yin and Yang Philosophy
Meridians and the Emotions​
Meridian pathways
The 5 elements and their qualities
Linking the elements with the Meridians

Hands on Yin: Incorporating Shiatsu massage into our yin practice

Who is this training for: Yoga Teachers wishing to incorporate Yin in their classes and practice
Massage practitioners interested in integrating more yin in their work & life
Yoga students seeking a deeper personal practice, allowing them to practice more yin at home effectively & confidently

Obentrautstr. 35 10963 Berlin

290 euros

Payment Policy:
100 euro deposit required upon booking
Full Amount due 6 by October 15th

Cancellation Policy:
Deposit in non refundable
Up to 3 weeks before: 50% of the full amount is returned
3 -1 week before: 50 euros credited towards yoga pass or holiday
1 week before or later: No refund

Contact us: here


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