Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Importantce of Time Out

Yoga Weekend Nov. 8-10, 2013 

Time Out.

Time and space away.

My yoga weekends are about making and taking time out from our daily activity, our daily, weekly, monthly, ever present busyness.  They offer one time to stop, check in, and relax.

Time to exhale 
              and then slowly, smoothly, evenly 
It is a joy to be able to create and hold the space for people to come, relax, and recharge. These weekends are for me about taking care, serving, and nourishing people. Each guest comes, puts down her/his suitcase, and is invited to land, fully and completely land, in the here and now.  

We all need time out. 

I know how important my retreats have become for me. I cherish them and make sure I make the time for them, for my well being and for the well being of those around. Frankly, I am a much better mother, wife, friend, daughter, and teacher because of the time I make for myself. Through strengthening my connection to myself and the present moment, I am more fully available to those around me.

It came up a few times on the weekend how important this time for oneself away from our daily life is. We agreed that there is more of it needed for everyone. Not that everyone needs to do yoga retreats, but everyone deserves time and space for themselves away from the many distractions of busy living.

Do yoga or sleep in?
Do yoga or take a walk?
Meditate or have a nap? 

Each person has the space do as much or as little yoga as they want or need. Everyone has time and space for themselves. That's important. Honoring our right to choose what we want to do with our time is vital to our health and well being.  

And of course there is always plenty of food and tea and coffee and food and cookies and chocolate and more food and chocolate fondue and...
To help extend the benefits of this weekend and strengthen the connection and comfort provided by surrendering to now, I gave homework:

6 to 12 minutes a days of time out.
For the extremely busy, 10 conscious breaths a day.
Sitting or lying  
Feeling/watching your breath
Now I am inhaling.  
Now I am exhaling.

How we breathe effects how we feel and the health of our physical body. Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the vagus nerve which sends impulses to our cells that we are safe and we can relax. Deep breathing calms our heart rate, decrease inflammation in the body, repairs brain tissues, and aids in (nutritional and emotional)digestion.

Our time out, our meditation practice, gives us the power to recognise what is present. We begin to see what is arising and what is passing away. It gives us space and time to choose our actions. It aids us in being able to meet what arrives; a focused mind suffers less. Our 6 to 12 minutes are our daily mini yoga retreats. They gives us time. Time to stop, check in, and relax.

Time to exhale 
              and then slowly, smoothly, evenly 

Love, joy, and laughter to all you wonderful people.

May your homework continue to serve you and support you.


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