Friday, October 19, 2012

September Yoga Weekend

Back at Salvey Mühle in September and the countryside was in full harvest season.  Apples & pears were hanging on the trees waiting for you to pick them and eat them.  They were delicious too.  Colourful tiny flowers peaked out of the lush greens. Incredible fall sunlight streamed through the trees.  I was in heaven soaking up the fall colours, textures, and smells.  
The weekend rolled along smoothly alongside the country side beauty.  As usual lots of yoga, food and rest. This time I also offered four meditation sessions.  My favorite was the one we did outside sitting quietly in the early morning, listening to all the sounds we could hear without giving preference to one sound over the other.  

The group once again consisted of great funny open people.  A few new to the Muhle and a few returning back.  I feel now so at home in the Mühle now and enjoy sharing each weekend with my students.

Feeback from the weekend:

Dear Erinbell,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed the weekend with you! 
In all its quietness and purity, it meant so much to me. It truly was a fantastic break! I treasure your little welcome card - and all the hours we spent there. That will hopefully keep me going for some time. So, thank you for everything! 
Such a shame that I need to wait till spring for a repetition. But I will do so, enjoying the prospect.
I wish you lots of strength for all the things that you are doing.
Kind regards,

Peace and Joy,

erinbell fanore
Me and Sybille cooking!

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