Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back in Berlin

Back in Berlin doing what I love.
My training in Zürich continues to inspire me. I have just finished covering for my colleague Bettina Droese for three weeks:Pergnancy Yoga and Rückbuilding (Yoga for mama's with wee babies). It was a gift to be in the presence of so much growth and so many new students. Growing bellies. Glowing bellies. Happy babies and babies not afraid to give out. Women blooming, stretching and becoming more. It was fun to see big bellied trees, big bellied warriors, big bellies swaying around the room. Often I found myself at the end of the class silenced and in awe of the energy of having so many pregnant women in one room. Magic. Or in the baby class, it was a treat to teach with a wee one asleep on my shoulder as his mama does flying baby or happy baby feet herself, strengthening her back, opening her hips and toning her core gently. These classes have been for me a celebration of life, of growth, and of individuality.
As I teach, I am filled with new wonder of our innate and unlimited uniqueness. Yoga is a celebration of our selves, our varieties and variations, our constant flux and change, our growth and becoming. This fills me up these days like
We are all made up of different bones, different thoughts, different loves, different groves, different, different, different... Thank God. Makes living all the more interesting, doesn't it?
Different perspectives.


I finish off this wee blog with a wee video I call:
Looking for daisy.

May the summer be good to all,
May we all continue to grow and change and become more,

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  1. I love your description of teaching the pregnancy yoga class! With my belly growing with each day I love the idea of being a big-bellied tree or a big-bellied warrior. The photos worked great too. It makes me want to go outside now and REALLY take notice of what's around me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Erinbell!


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