Thursday, August 27, 2009


Time. It passes. It stops. It races. It continues. It goes on and on and on.... With time and against it our minds travel back and forth between what was, now, and what will be.

Here now, I travel back in photos and words to a rainy day in May at the Volksbühne Ost. A day that marks in my memory the beginning of our new start in Berlin.

My first Yoga class in Berlin.

My first Theatre event class in Berlin.

The yoga class was small. Me, the kids and a new friend. There was magic in the class. It was magic to have just arrived in Berlin, to have found a space for first time, to have found someone to come to the class, and to have the kids join in.

It was magic because it launched me into Berlin, it said for me I am here now and I begin again. I seem to always be re-beginning. I like that.

It was magic because it was in a theatre. Marrying my past theatre with my present yoga. I have always felt so at home inside theatre and there I was at home in my new city teaching yoga in a theatre.

After the yoga class, I led an art installation, 'The Flying Fanore Burg Show.' It was event for the whole family. To my surprise and delight, people came. Kids with parents or parents with kids. Together, we had fun. We built a castle out of makeshift blocks, made music in the castle, paraded around the theatre, were monsters and silly creatures and then it came time to crash the castle down. To shouts and laughter of excitement we kicked and toppled the castle down. Then we cleaned it up singing the clean up song. Simple, silly fun in a theatre in Berlin on a rainy day in May.

That was all back in May at the Volksbühne Ost. Since then time has ticked along second by second. With the passing of time I have made my nest in Berlin and settled in comfortably.

Since I started school, September marks the beginning of the year for me. So once again, I re-begin.

My next yoga class in September 23rd at Yoga Für Dich in Friendenau.

My next theatre event is September 10th teaching Drama at JFK High School in Zenlendorf.

Peace and happiness,


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  1. Dear Erinbell
    As always I enjoy reading your lines.
    You always manage to get a smile on my face:-))
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures


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