Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"Life would be much easier and substantially less painful if we lived with the knowledge of impermanence as the only constant." - Donna Farhi

Life is full of changes, especially for me at the moment as I am in the inbetween. I am neither in Gozo, nor in Berlin. I am in the midst of the changing winds. I trying to be as present as I can while planning future yoga holidays and preparing everything for our new adventures in Berlin. Along with my change of location, comes changes for my yoga holidays. I didn't instigate the changes, they happen to me. But I take the changes in with a smile, because they are for the best I am sure. In fact, they mean I have a good chance of going to the wedding of wonderful friends of mine in Gozo. So once again I give thanks to the chaos of life and hope that I can constantly continue to re-find my balance in the shifting winds while laughing and celebrating life.

Dates for the Gozo, Malta Yoga Holiday and the Amsterdam Yoga and Meisner Acting Workshop have changed. For more information about these holidays please go to my web site: www.erinbellfanore.com and click on yoga holidays.

Gozo, Malta Yoga Holiday is now September 19-26th.

Amsterdam Yoga and Acting Workshop is now October 4-18th.freefoto.com

Sicily Yoga Holiday is still June 20-27th.
There are still 5 places left if you fancy some yoga, sunshine, pasta,
good company, beaches, peace, beauty, culture....

May the changes in your life,
even if they feel chaotic at the moment,
bring you peace and happiness,

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