Tuesday, March 31, 2009

home ?

Where are you from?
The place you are born?
The place you live?
The place you best relate to?

Where? What? is home?
I left my home fourteen yers ago. Or did I? I left the country of colliding cultures were I grew up and have since been colliding into cultures on my own. I travel. My feet, my mind, my heart travels.

I was gliding and colliding from one country to the next living inside different languages, different customs, different paths. In search of … looking for … At first, I couldn’t name my goal, not properly. I was struggling to find a balance, or multiple balances, between my memories of my past, my visions, dreams, hopes of my future and my now.

Moments came where I felt home. I felt found. I felt inside myself. Light and easy.

Moments came where I felt homeless. I felt lost. Outside of myself. Unconnected and unrooted.

I am still traveling, wandering from culture to the next but the search is different. Now I am looking more within. I am peeling away the unnecessary layers I carry around me. I am drawing my focus deeper within myself to myself. In doing this I become more present, more comfortable, more at home.

Where am I from?
I am from all the places I have been, I have lived. Each moment, each place, has shaped me and helped me see myself as myself.

Where is my home?
Nowhere and everywhere.
I am traveling but I am home.

Peace and happiness to all travelers,
To all at home,
To all on their way home (to a familiar or unfamiliar home),

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