Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 9-11, 2015: Yoga Weekend, Salvey Mühle 150 km from Berlin

Letters of Gratitude

Dear Salvey Mühle,
Thank you for your beauty and quiet. It is such a pleasure to return to you season after season, year after year. Thank you for always welcoming me and my students so warmly. Thank you for the sunshine, the sound of the creek, the rolling hills, the clear crisp air, the birds flying and honking over our heads. Thank you for the rich green of the grass, the bright blue above and at night the millions of stars to be gazed at. Your milky way is delicious. I look forward to returning very soon.
With gratitude,

Dear Students,
Thank you for coming. Thank you for your openness and laughter. Thank you for your trust and curiosity. Thank you for your sighs and grunts in class. Thank you being hungry meal after meal and for your enjoyment of the food. Thank you for sharing your stories during our meals together, for listening so fully to each other and the respect each person had for the others. Thank you for each being such a fantastic person. Thank you for the flowers, the Italian, the travel stories, the garden stories, the wedding stories, the silly stories and the stories of travel. I look forward to having the pleasure of hosting/teaching you again here, in Italy, in Berlin, or maybe even somewhere new.
With love,
Dear Valerie,
Thank you for your big smile, shining heart, and your strong hands. Thanks for massaging the guests with love, skill, and kindness. Thanks for your singing laughter and your support.  Thanks for being Yeah Yoga Now with me.  I so look forward to our next adventures.
With excitement for more,
May all being know themselves and delight in their own inner wisdom and beauty.

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