Monday, November 10, 2014

Yoga Weekend: Hotzahnhof, Germany

For this yoga weekend, I went to Hotzahnhof.
It was quiet, beautiful,
and delcious.  

Daniel and Kathrin's cooking was outstanding. 

We all took guesses as to what could be in the carrot salade to make it so delicious. It turned out to be quite simple: Carrots, lemon, roasted pumpkin seeds, salt, and pepper. 
 I was joined by such a fantastic fun group.
As I said, such a fantastic fun group!
In our last yin class, I asked the group to think over their happy moments from the weekend.  

Here are some of mine:
Laughter from doing lion breath in class.
Teaching yoga in a fire lit room with its warm, comforting heat.
 Having space, time, and quiet for myself.
The bright blue sky on Saturady.
The happy vibe around the table at each meal. There was plenty of talk and pleanty of laughter.

The vivacious and soft people who came. Their warmth and appreciation of each other was touching.
The pumpkin, feta, pear dish on Friday night.  Yum!
Reading my book in the sunshine.
Stoking the fire in the middle of a class.  
Having time to go for a run.
 Sharing our stories of the first time we did yoga.
The bright autum colours.

It was a fantastic weekend.
More I say!

I am now planning 2015.  Including a week in Itlay.
Dates and details to follow soon.

Until then,
Peace and much much joy to you all,


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