Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yoga Weekend Retreats Spring 2014

Spring time up at Salvey Mühle.  

I had the pleasure of hosting two lovely weekend up at Salvey Mühle this spring.  I returned there for my 9 and 10th time.  There is a sense of coming home there.  The familiarity is comforting and welcoming. Many of the students have been there before too.  It is so nice remeeting each other over and over again.  It is pleasure to have the time, the quiet, and the space together over the changing seasons and years.

Karen the artist who runs the Mühle with Rainer, said to me, “Your groups are always the nicest.”  I don't know about the other groups, but I do feel blessed each time with a fabulous international varied mix of people. Often the first meal together can be filled with awkward silences as people get to know each other but that wasn't so the last two weekends.  In fact, at times the chatting got so big, we needed to quieten ourselves down.   One of the things I especially enjoy is chopping veg for the next meal while listening the to happy chatter and laughter waft in from next door.

Another thing I love about Salvey Mühle is its surrounding nature.  So beautiful with the rolling hills, the fields, the creak, the pond/lake and the forest.  This spring there was beaver action!!  

Fantastically felled trees and inspiring engineered damns.  Hard working animals indeed.  I think we all had fun checking it out and sharing our own impressions of what we saw.  

As in the past, along with the 6 yoga classes and the meditation sittings, there was lots of eating. I thought I would share another recipe. 

Cook it with please and enjoy it with love.
Easy Beet Root or Carrot Salad:
Peel and grate fresh organic beet roots or carrots 

Add in any combination:
Sesame Seeds
I have heard grated pear is also especially good with beet root.

Either canola (raps) oil on its own or mixed with tahini.

Toss it all together and enjoy on its own or with rice.

The salads I served were combined like this:
Carrots with raisins and almonds and canola oil
Beet root with raisins and sesame seeds and tahini and canola oil
I hope those who joined me are all continuing to feel the benefit from the weekend away:from their time of rest, yoga, and fresh air and from their time of being supported and taken care of. May your breath and the time you dedicate to yourselves always be of immense support and inspiration to you.  

This summer I will go off and enjoy further training with Paul and Suzee Grilley and an other silent retreat with Sarah and Ty Powers. After that I will have the pleasure to host and teach four fall Yoga weekends in four different locations.

September 26-28:   Rosenwald, Groß Kreutz 
October 10-12:     Salvey Mühle, Gartz  
November 7-9:      Hotzan Hof, Spreewald
November 28-30:    Gästehaus Seebeck, Vielitzsee

I wish you all peace and joy,

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