Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yoga Workshops in Englsih in Berlin



YOGA FÜR DICH: Stubenrauchstr. 70, 12161 Berlin  
30 Euros 
25 Euros when doing 4 workshops or more 
Max. 8 people 
Pre-registration required: contact me

SEPT 16: Sun Salutations    18:30 – 21:15
Taking a closer look at each component of a Sun Salutation
In this workshop we will open up the sequence of a sun salutation and look at each individual asana, posture, that makes up the whole.  The salutation can be modified to all degrees of flexibility, strength, and stamina.  You will acquire tools to modify it to meet your own body. You will come away from the workshop feeling more grounded in you salutations.  

OCT 14: Standing Postures     18:30 – 21:15
Opening up and exploring standing posture
Looking at and feeling  the details 
Often in class we move quickly from one posture to the next.  Here we will stop and pause on each posture.  We will look at its details.  We will explore how each postures varies with a change of a foot position or angle of the hip. Here you will have the time and space to ask the questions you have about certain postures.  You will get to know each posture a little more, and feel more confident in them when you practice them in your regular classes.

OCT 28: Creating a Home Practice    18:30 – 21:15
Learning to make time for you and what to do
Where do I begin when I start to do yoga at home? What should I do? How much should I do? Where? How will I find the time? These questions and others that arise around creating a home practice for yourself will be explored in this workshops. We will work through three sequences to do at home. You will get a worksheet detailing the sequences to help and remind you when practice on your own. 

NOV 25:    Inversions    17:00 – 19:45
Facing our fear of turning our worlds upside down
Headstand.  Handstand.  Peacock.  Shoulder stand. Why are they so scary? Can everyone do them?  How can I do them safely?  I remember when I began my yoga teacher training thinking that I was too heavy, too weak, my bottom was too big, to ever be able to do inversions.  I was scared of hurting my neck.  I was scared of falling down and being a looser.  In this workshop, I will create an open and supportive atmosphere to explore the fear and technicalities that go hand in hand with turning yourself (and your world) upside down.

DEC 9 : Partner Yin Yoga    17:00 – 19:45
Exploring the magic of connection
Yin yoga in amazing.  Having yin yoga “done to you” can be even more amazing.  In this workshop you will work with a partner.  You take turns assisting or holding each other in yin postures.  We will discuss more the theory behind yin yoga in order to deepen our own practice.  So come with your sister, your son, your partner, your best friend, your colleague and experience yin yoga in a new light.

Date to be announced:    Heart Opening Backbends    17:00 – 19:45
Opening ourselves up
Camel. Bridge. Moon Salutations.  Backbends strengthen the back and open the heart.  They give you energy when your energy is faltering.  They help you “get out” when your shoulders start to round and you close in on yourself. Backbends support your posture and naturally bring more confidence to your step.  In this workshop we look at the details of backbends and celebrate ourselves.

30 Euros 
25 Euros when doing 4 workshops or more 
Max. 8 people
YOGA FÜR DICH:   Stubenrauchstr. 70, 12161 Berlin  
Pre-registration required: contact me 


Peace, joy and daily dashes of yoga,

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