Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Love Letter to 2010

Dear 2010,

I confess I am in love with you. Already. In fact, I have been in love with you for over a month now. I totally understand that it is ridiculous to fall in love with something that isn't yet. But each time I thought of you I would get butterflies in my belly. A smile would start across my face and usually stretch out into a full beam of excitement. When I though of you and now, you are here after all, when I think of 2010, I think of promise and joy and the right kind of adventures. I have shared my excitement about you with many of my friends and to me deligth they all seem to think the same. There is a special glow about you. More for me than there was about 2000 or any other year. And it is not that I expect you to deliver me great gifts or that impossible delights will happen. I just simply love you and am excited to live you. I think that we are going to have a great time together.
As I do almost every year, I made a resolution. First it took the form of three positive affirmations for the future direction of my life, but last night as I was doing my yin yoga practice the words: COURAGE and CLARITY jumped out at me. I remember the best New Year's resolution I had yet made. It was in my third year of undergrad (so I guess 1997). I resolved to be more HONEST. It opened worlds to me. I still continue day by day to live and be as honest as I can. My yoga practice and teaching further gave me support to be more and more honest: with myself, with others, about myself, about others, about life. Sure I have digressed many a times, and slumped and back tracked, but I keep coming back to this simple and challenging task of living honestly. And this year, this wonderful and exciting year of 2010, I add
In 2010, I plan to continue to celebrate life. Its joys and trials. I am a romantic and an optimist. I can't seem to help but to see joy and wonder for everyone this year. That is what I send out to all beings. I wish goodness and love and creativity and fulfilment and excitement and growth and peace and beauty and inspiration and and and and and and.... for everyone.

Or more simply said in the Metta Bahvana Meditation:
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be healthy.
May all beings be free from suffering.
May all beings progress.

Peace and joy,


  1. Love your resolutions!

    I, too, have been quite jubilant over the arrival of 2010! This year my 'resolution' is also a word. I spent about a month or so reflecting and deciding what I wanted 2010 to be like for me... I am seeking ACTION! I want to take action on my ideas, even if those actions are imperfect! I want to go, see, do, engage. That's my resolution.

    Great post, erinbell! All the best!

  2. Sounds great! ACTION it is!!!!! Go!

  3. Hurray Erin,
    your bell is ringing and mine too and bells I hear from all around in harmony for everyone I have spoken to seems to feel the same about this new year. My resolution is manifestation. See you very very soon. Kisses, Nina

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  5. Hey Erinbell,

    I was sure I had left a comment on this blog. Must have been on Facebook instead. Just to say I loved, loved, loved this blog, beautiful sentiment and beautifully written. I second the lovely Nina's hurray! Hurray Erinbell hurray!

    Lots of love,



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