Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amsterdam, baby!

Energy, Fire and Inspiration.

My suitcase and heart came home from Amsterdam bursting with just that (not to mention a new pair of high heels and a couple of short skirts). I spent two weeks teaching what I love (Yoga) and studying what I love (Theatre) with incredible people.

It is such a gift to have the opportunity to dive deep into creativity and self growth. Even more so to do it in the midst of a group of talented, beautiful and strong people. We encouraged each other and challenged each other.

Somatics have helped me slow down. I have learned that life is a gift to be lived second by second. Somatics has taught me that ageing and growing older is an event to be savoured. For with each day, as we grow older second by second, we can grow deeper and taller and fuller. We can mature and become richer in ourselves. Sometimes this growth is slow and imperceptible. Sometimes this growth feels like it is going backwards. And other times, like my two weeks in Amsterdam, the growth happens at lightning speed. I left Berlin happy and content with my life, with me, with where I am at and I have returned home ravenous for more. I am a blessed person with love, health and creativity around me. Because I have been given so much I want to give back ten folds. I want to share my smiles and laughter. I want to teach more, learn more, create more. I feel very much like a kid in a candy store. The store is life. So much to choose from. So much to enjoy. So much available. Like a friend of the course said "Warning: too much candy may cause... joyfulness!" . Or like Jaqueline said in one of her many moving stories, (I am badly paraphrasing) "Try and have a good life."

So life here I am. Eager to live. Eager to give. Eager to explore. I come home to my Home in Berlin full of new connections, new discoveries, and a deeper connection to me. Through yoga, through theatre, through living, I feel that each day I am becoming more myself. I am letting go of the petty thoughts, doubts and fears. I am building up courage to walk down the street just as I am. The more I let go, the less I try, the easier and more fun life is.

Sunshine and Amsterdam architecture that make me smile.

Sunday morning Somatics and Yin Yoga.

Thank you!

I am grateful for each and everyone on the course and their courage to show up and share so much of him/herself. I am only beginning to digest the lessons I learned from each and everyone of you. While teaching you, while studying with you, while hanging in the bars and cafes with you. Thank you for coming to my classes with open minds and curiosity. Thank you for trying things you didn't think you would like. Thank you for listening and taking in what I have been taught. Thank you for making the effort to come despite your hectic schedules and to pushing yourselves to do both more and less.

I am indebted to Debby Mulholland for putting the course together and inviting me. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, your amazing hospitality, sharing your beautiful and moving play, 'The Silver Tubes' and for you spunk!

I am deeply thankful to Jacqueline McClintock for her expertise and compassion as a teacher. I not only learned about the fascinating and truthful Meisner acting technique but I also had the joy to watch a gifted teacher work. I have learned so much about me and the art of acting from you. Thank you.

Thank you Amsterdam.

Thank you each and everyone of you.

May life bring us together again.

Peace, happiness, and play,


The stage is set for more.

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