Monday, March 16, 2009

My first steps

I am learning to walk again.

This time it is through cyber space.

I have designed my first web page.
I have bought a domain.
I have begun a blog.

I have come a long way from my first email account where I was too scared to use my real name. Now my name is everywhere. I have branded myself as myself.

For me doing yoga is like pealing an onion: layer by layer by layer I come closer to my core, to my essence, to myself. I let go (or do my best to let go) of all the doesn't support me and embrace all that is me: my frailty, my strengths, my imperfections, my beauty, my uniqueness, my me-ness. And now I am sending perfectly imperfect me off into cyber world.

I can only hope that world of 'www.' is as kind, challenging, rewarding, inspiring, and forgiving as life is.

I am still feeling shaky in this cyber world. By pasting and cutting and publishing, everything feels so black at white, so clear cut and hard. I am unsure of how to bring across my humanity, my enthusiasm for teaching, my zest for learning and my joy in being with others.

I am not a perfectly polished stone standing grandly on my own, but rather I'm a tiny grain of sand: rough, unique and in the good company of so many other beautiful grains of sand.

I am excited about my new journey and the new paths that will spring from here. I take pleasure in learning all over again how to walk and talk and socialize. So let me be social and welcome you to my web page:

Visit me on site or better yet lets take a holiday together. How does Sicily sound? Amsterdam? Gozo?

Peace and happiness,


  1. I love both sites. Your warmth is always felt, so I think there are no worries with getting it through cyberspace!

  2. Congratulations on both sites Erin! I'm really excited about the yoga holidays, it's a great idea. Oh how I'd love to come back soon for a Gozo yoga retreat!


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